Quality assurance

We are committed to be a customer oriented, efficient and future oriented Group within Trading and Mechanical Solutions, by delivering correct products at the right time according to the agreed place, quality and agreed price. Quality shall never be jeopardized by considerations regarding delivery time, quantity or economy.

Quality is an integral part of the company’s decisions and operations and shall characterise the company. Identifying and understanding our customer’s need is a key factor in our pursuit for continuous improvement of our products, services, processes and operations.

Mento is committed to comply with requirements set-out by applicable laws and regulations related to our business. The company has a program for training and employee development based on achievement and responsibility to create an interest for familiarization with applicable governing documents to prevent potential risks and non-conformances.

The company pursues a continuous competence enhancement program to be able to meet the customers needs for quality. Mento shall be the best supplier and partner within our business, by using our own resources and qualified subcontractors.

We seek to achieve openness with our customers, suppliers, employees and our community.


HSE policy

The HSE policy at Mento are given the highest focus and integrated within the company’s culture.

We shall deliver our products and services without risk of accident or adverse health or environmental impacts and at the same time adhering to applicable laws, rules and regulations. This will be achieved through focus on continuous improvement of all processes and systems, thus ensuring that work is executed in a safe and proper manner. Financial considerations should never come before health, safety and environmental interests. Health, safety and environmental criteria shall be emphasized in decisions of including new products/services into Mento’s portfolio.

A corporate culture that takes into account our internal and external environment and ensures that non-conformances are identified and promptly rectified will be emphasised.

An important element in the employee evaluation is compliance with our values, this will be especially important when evaluating employees with management responsibilities.

Occupational health and safety

Mento strives to achieve a work environment that safeguards employees against hazardous physical or mental influences and at all times within a safety level that corresponds to the technological and social development of the society as a whole. Through awareness and respect for our human resources, Mento shall facilitate a continuous upgrading of skills and expertise, and seek to be a good employer.


Mento has a high focus on reducing our environmental impact. We will do this through reduced energy consumption, environmental considerations when purchasing goods and services, choose safe solutions with regards to equipment and/or machines and ensure the best possible waste management.